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    Os pongo la lista libra por libra de Sherdog que actualizan regularmente.

    No por nada en concreto si no por comentarla y decir las nuestras después de esta racha de eventazos que hemos tenido.

    1. Jon Jones (21-1)
    Jones has been out of commission since January after being suspended by the UFC and stripped of his light heavyweight title, but it has done little to diminish his status as the world’s premier mixed martial artist. Prior to his well-documented legal troubles, Jones was riding roughshod over the 205-pound class and had defended the belt a division-record eight times. Now reinstated, the 28-year-old continues to train and has also taken up powerlifting while he awaits his return, which is expected to come in the first half of 2016. When he does re-enter the Octagon, Jones will be headed for a rematch with nemesis Daniel Cormier, who now holds the belt which “Bones” never lost in the cage.

    2. Demetrious Johnson (23-2-1)
    Johnson continues to reign supreme over the 125-pound division. His latest feat came at UFC 191, where the 29-year-old defended his belt for the seventh time -- Anderson Silva holds the all-time record at 10 -- with a lopsided decision over “The Ultimate Fighter” Season 14 winner John Dodson. In a little less than three years as champion, “Mighty Mouse” has taken out all contenders in his division, and he has done so in convincing fashion. Johnson will carry a nine-fight winning streak into his next appearance.

    3. Luke Rockhold (15-2)
    Rockhold made the most of what he believed was an overdue title shot, grabbing the middleweight crown at UFC 194 and handing Chris Weidman his first defeat in the process. The American Kickboxing Academy product put on the performance of his career to slice, pound and eventually finish Weidman in the fourth frame. Since entering the Octagon as the final Strikeforce 185-pound champ, Rockhold has recorded impressive finishes against the likes of Lyoto Machida and Michael Bisping , with the only blemish on his 5-1 mark coming in a knockout loss to Vitor Belfort.

    4. Rafael dos Anjos (24-7)
    At UFC 185, dos Anjos proved that good things come to those who wait when he earned the UFC lightweight title after more than seven years with the organization. For 25 minutes, the well-rounded Brazilian put on a near-perfect performance, dominating the dynamic Anthony Pettis like none before. Dos Anjos has won nine of his last 10 bouts, including a knockout of durable ex-champ Benson Henderson and a decision win against currently streaking contender Donald Cerrone. Though dos Anjos would doubtless like to settle the score with the only man to beat him in the past three years, Khabib Nurmagomedov, he will next defend his title in a rematch against Cerrone at UFC on Fox 17 on Dec. 19.

    5. Conor McGregor (19-2)
    McGregor has taken the featherweight class and the MMA world by storm in the two and a half years since he landed in the Octagon. With the spotlight aimed squarely at the Irishman for UFC 194, McGregor cleared the last hurdle to greatness by laying waste to featherweight king Jose Aldo in quick and brutal fashion. The coronation capped a year which saw “Notorious” knock out Chad Mendes and Dennis Siver, all the while garnering media attention to rival that of Ronda Rousey. While it remains to be seen whether McGregor will stick around at 145 pounds or head up to 155, one thing is for sure: All eyes will be on his next bout.

    6. Jose Aldo (25-2)
    All things must pass, and Aldo’s time as the invincible ruler of the featherweight division came to a shocking conclusion at UFC 194. The only undisputed 145-pound champion the Octagon had ever known was knocked senseless by Conor McGregor in only 13 seconds, slamming shut the book on an era of divisional dominance. As WEC and UFC champion, Aldo bested the likes of Urijah Faber (twice), Frankie Edgar and Kenny Florian. With near-constant injuries keeping “Scarface” out of action for extended stretches, stringing together another such run could prove extremely difficult.

    7. Chris Weidman (13-1)
    After 13 professional fights without a defeat and two wins over middleweight legend Anderson Silva, the “All-American” finally met his match at UFC 194. Weidman struggled valiantly but could not withstand the punishing ground-and-pound of Luke Rockhold, who snatched away the UFC 185-pound title with a fourth-round stoppage. The 31-year-old New Yorker defended the belt three times -- including a May knockout of former Rockhold foil Vitor Belfort -- before being deposed.

    8. Daniel Cormier (17-1)
    In the year since his failed bid to dethrone Jon Jones, Cormier has claimed the mantle left vacant when his rival was stripped and suspended by the UFC. The 36-year-old became MMA’s de facto light heavyweight ruler when he dismantled Anthony Johnson in May, then followed up with an impressive defense against Alexander Gustafsson in October. Hardware aside, Cormier’s record boasts some impressive names, with victories over former heavyweight champs like Josh Barnett and Frank Mir, plus heavy hitters such as Johnson and Dan Henderson. He figures to have another meeting with the newly reinstated Jones in the near future.

    9. Fabricio Werdum (20-5-1)
    For years, Werdum was regarded as the best heavyweight grappler in MMA. Since running over Cain Velasquez at UFC 188, the 37-year-old Brazilian is being recognized as the best heavyweight in MMA, period. “Vai Cavalo” is currently on a 6-0 run inside the Octagon, and his outstanding résumé includes wins over divisional icons Fedor Emelianenko and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. In order to cement his status as the top big man in the sport, Werdum will have to beat Velasquez again when they rematch at UFC 196 in February.

    10. Robbie Lawler (26-10, 1 NC)
    The first man to successfully defend the UFC welterweight title in the post-Georges St. Pierre era, Lawler has taken what the division’s big hitters have to offer and given in back in spades, most recently halting Rory MacDonald in a back-and-forth battle on July 11. Since rejoining the UFC in February 2013, Lawler has gone 7-1 with four knockouts. “Ruthless” will next defend his title against Carlos Condit at UFC 195 on Jan. 2.

  • #2
    La mía ahora mismo sería esta:

    1 JONES Indiscutible a todas luces

    2 WERDUM Creo que lo merece despues de noquear a Hunt y someter a Cain tras darle una paliza

    3 CORMIER Uno de los mejores luchadores que yo haya visto jamás. Si no fuera por Jones no tendría techo. Creo que sería campeón HW sin Caín en la categoría.

    4 DEMETRIOUS Es un crack pero no me llama nada esta categoría... si no podría ser hasta el mejor

    5 MCGREGOR Ganar a Mendes y Aldo consecutivamente me parecen dignos de ponerlo muy arriba al menos de momento

    6 ALDO
    9 LAWLER


    • #3
      Mejor que la de ufc, como siempre. Lo mejor es que Johnson no es el primero, me gustaría que le hacen los Predators a la gente y no vuelva luchar.


      • #4
        ¿Aldo el 6º? Bajar del 1º o 2º al 6º no lo veo por una derrota.

        Por lo demás bastante bien la lista.


        • #5
          Jones y Demetrius son los únicos que han barrido sus respectivas categorías y continúan invictos tras una larga racha.

          1- Jones
          2- Demetrius
          3- DC

          El tercero creo debe ser DC por que se mantuvo invicto en HW y ahora es campeón LHW.

          4- Me espero al desenlace del Dillashaw vs Cruz.

          5- Conor bajándose a Mendes y a Aldo debería poder estar, pero no tan arriba hasta que no gane a Edgar, si le gana.

          6- Rockhold creo que podría ser también campeón LHW y HW, o por lo menos hacer podium en las tres.
          7- Robbie Lawler si gana a Condit.
          8- Werdum cuando defienda el cinto alguna vez ante JDS o Caín
          Última edición por las torres de kyoku; 12-16-2015, 05:20 PM.


          • #6
            Yo creo que Rockhold en semis o heavy no se come ni los mocos bro.

            Lo parte por la mitad Rumble, con Gus sería un peleón. Con DC igual por estilos si le podría complicar pero creo mejor a DC.

            Con Jones saldría aniquilado y los HW le sacan mucho peso aunque entrena con DC y Caín.


            • #7
              Originalmente escrito por colacao20 Ver mensaje
              Yo creo que Rockhold en semis o heavy no se come ni los mocos bro.

              Lo parte por la mitad Rumble, con Gus sería un peleón. Con DC igual por estilos si le podría complicar pero creo mejor a DC.

              Con Jones saldría aniquilado y los HW le sacan mucho peso aunque entrena con DC y Caín.
              Yo creo que tiene fuerza y calidad como para medirse a los tops LHW y si se pone podría estar cerca del podium HW. Me parece que Rockhold flojea en el boxeo... Pero bueno, ésto es mma. (Igual estoy flipando un poco, pero es lo que me viene a la cabeza :)))
              Última edición por las torres de kyoku; 12-16-2015, 05:50 PM.


              • #8
                Apuntar que me despierta recelos subir a lo mas alto del ranking pfp a campeones que todavía no han defendido su cinto ni una vez.


                • #9
                  Originalmente escrito por las torres de kyoku Ver mensaje
                  Apuntar que me despierta recelos subir a lo mas alto del ranking pfp a campeones que todavía no han defendido su cinto ni una vez.
                  pero si bajar a campeones por una derrota eh jajaja que cosas


                  • #10
                    Rockhold es bastante alto. En LHW lo veo en el top seguro. Aunque en ese peso tienes al coco...

                    Enviado desde mi SM-G920F mediante Tapatalk


                    • #11
                      Originalmente escrito por Kratos Ver mensaje
                      pero si bajar a campeones por una derrota eh jajaja que cosas
                      Hombre, a ver, para subir a unos lo normal es bajar a otros, y además el top pfp siempre ha sido para los campeones mas dominantes. Y si te acaban de ganar por KO, pues dominar, lo que se dice dominar mucho no estás dominando jajajajjajaj

                      De todas formas si los otros rankings son cuestionables, éste ni te cuento.


                      • #12
                        De Mousasi ya se comentó hace años, que podría hacer buen papel en LHW y en HW... Si Mousasi podía no sé por qué Rockhold no iba a poder...


                        • #13
                          Que se comentó si bro... pero eso, se comentó.


                          • #14
                            Yo también estoy dejando volar la imaginación ^^


                            • #15
                              Llegué a leer que Mou venía a destronar a Jones a Pankration.

                              Lo mejor es que varios compis de aqui le daban bola en ese tema jajaja